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KGK Engineering Mexicana opening of new location

17 de Marzo del 2017

During 2014, several companies dedicated to manufacture auto parts and car assembly all of them from Japan saw in the National territory the opportunity to expand their business, this is how companies of the size of Mazda Corporation decided to establish in Guanajuato.

KGK KANEMATSU CORP located in Japan impulse for this peak of Japanese companies willing to invest in México decided to open a subsidiary in the national territory; the option was obvious KGK needed to be side to side with its collaborates, not only from Japan but where they decide to locate.

But KGK Kanematsu is not only dedicated to its collaborators of Japanese origin; In a global world where we are all interconnected in some way, it would be a mistake to have only a worldview; September 9, 2015 establishes KGK Engineering Mexicana, seeking to establish business with all domestic and foreign clients who decide to enter a highly competitive global world that requires efficiency at all levels.

January 1, 2016 KGK Engineering Mexicana opens its new facilities located in the Santa Fe IV Puerto Interior, this being a strategic location in the Bajio area, but it is not only the effort of a company of Asian origin as it is KGK Kanematsu is the joint effort of all our national and foreign partners who have made more than 1 year of its opening, a future full of success and dreams come true.

It is for KGK Kanematsu Corp. and its subsidiary KGK Engineering Mexicana, an opportunity that does not occur twice, being able to combine Japanese technology with Mexican talent; Combination that would leave a mark on the Bajio area.

We can only say that once these dreams are achieved, we should only have time to dream again.     

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